/info endpoint
Returns JSON formatted metadata about the source object indicated by the src paramter.
    "timestamp": 1442307651,
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "info": {
        "url": "https://thumbapis.s3.amazonaws.com/examples/sf-golden-gate.jpg",
        "mime": "image/jpeg",
        "size": 652268,
        "createdTimestamp": 1420114160,
        "deviceMake": "Nikon",
        "ext": "jpeg",
        "gpsLatitude": "37.802189 N",
        "gpsLongitude": "122.463098 W",
        "height": 1200,
        "modifiedTimestamp": 1420114160,
        "resolution": 240,
        "resolutionX": 240,
        "resolutionY": 240,
        "sampleBits": 8,
        "width": 1920
Supported info properties
url, mime, size, ext, producer, creator, createdTimestamp, modifiedTimestamp, pages, pdfVersion, keywords, title, description, subject, words, lines, paragraphs, application, applicationVersion, characters, revision, partsTitles, compression, crc, sizeCompressed, sizeUncompressed, width, height, rotation, resolutionX, resolutionY, frames, iterations, interlace, colorType, bitDepth, colorSpace, cameraISO, deviceMake, deviceModel, cameraOrientation, sampleBits, gpsLatitude, gpsLongitude, gpsAltitude, gpsTimestamp, lensMake, lensModel, lensInfo, duration, bitrate, sampleRate, channels, frameRate