/thumb endpoint
The thumb endpoint is the main endpoint of the API, it enables powerful image manipulation and creating previews for most popular file formats.
Query string parameters order
Your query string parameters order is important since image manipulation processing is dependent on the output of the previous manipulation. The API also supports very powerful manipulations like layers and nested layers which are highly dependent on execution order.



Source file
All thumb requests should start with the src parameter which defines the url of the source image. The API also supports extracting image from most popular file formats.
src.page=page #
Defines which page to extract from a document file. The value represents the page number starting at 1. For example 4 will extract the fourth page or slide in the src document.
Defines which frame to extract from a video file. The value represents seconds since the beginning of the video. Values lower then 1 will be treated as percentage of the total time, for example 0.5 will extract a frame from the middle of the total video time.
When capturing a website thumbnail the default is desktop rendering, use the value mobile to render the mobile version of the site.
Output format
By default all output images are in the png format to preserve quality and alpha channel. Use the value jpg to output in the jpeg format.
Define jpeg quality. Values range from 0.01 - 1. For example 0.75 is a good balance between output file size and quality.